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Did a Flaw Affect the Outcome of Your Trial?

At The McIntosh Law Firm, our Lake Norman appeals attorneys are skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to fighting for our clients. With over 200 years of collective experience, you can be sure that we bring the highest legal acumen to the table and a trusted reputation for delivering honest answers to those we serve. We have attorneys on staff who have represented Fortune 500 companies, yet we also employ a grassroots approach to our practice. We strive to communicate closely with each one of our clients and establish a mutual relationship of trust and respect. Do not let an unfair legal decision go unchallenged. Contact The McIntosh Law Firm so we can get started on your appeals process today.

When to Hire a Lake Norman Appeals Lawyer

When a party seeks to file an appeal, our experienced appellate attorneys at The McIntosh Law Firm will promptly begin analyzing the proceedings in trial court, thus allowing us to determine if errors of the law or procedure were made in the initial case. Lawyers, judges, and juries are regulated by specific sets of standards and rules in and out of the courtroom. Sometimes a second or third look is required.

If certain procedures were not followed in determining your case, the ruling against you may have been made in error. The McIntosh Law Firm possesses the resources, ability, and commitment to identify these errors, and obtain a correction.

When you hire our Lake Norman appellate team, we may be able to assist you in: 

  • Obtaining a new trial
  • Correcting faulty jury instructions
  • Reviewing selection of jurors
  • Excluding illegal wiretaps

The McIntosh Law Firm is available by phone at (704) 892-1612

History of Appeals Decisions

At The McIntosh Law Firm, we do not just talk the talk, we can actually back up our success. We have a long history of securing favorable results for clients, and this includes our work in the court of appeals. Our attorneys have received many published appellate decisions involving issues such as declaratory judgments and supplemental relief, estates, equitable distribution, personal injury, real estate, or contracts, and a few unpublished decisions, as well.

For appeals representation in Lake Norman and the surrounding area, dial (704) 892-1612, or contact The McIntosh Law Firm online.


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