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Property Tax Appeals

Tax Appeal Matters in Lake Norman

Our team of attorneys, advisors, and consultants bring over 30 years of experience in revaluations and property law to the table. They are uniquely qualified to guide you through every step in the revaluation appeal process.

Most property owners misunderstand the rigid, but fairly straightforward, process of property valuation for tax purposes. If you have questions about your property tax valuation, we can help you.

How the McIntosh Law Firm Can Help 

The McIntosh Law Firm’s network of appraisal, real estate, and accounting professionals help answer your questions about market value. Our team has worked in real estate and is committed to providing you and/or your company with top-notch and effective counsel. We look forward to helping you determine the correct market value for your property, which will determine your tax bill. 

To learn more about our services offered at The McIntosh Law Firm, contact us at (704) 892-1612, or request a consultation online.

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