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Medicaid Crisis Planning

Lake Norman Elder Law: Navigate Medicaid Planning

If you are a loved one are facing the financial burdens of nursing home care, our estate and elder law professional is here to help. With proper planning, you or your loved one may be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits sooner rather than later.  

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What Is Medicaid Crisis Planning?

Medicaid crisis planning involves working with an experienced attorney to assess your eligibility for Medicaid while safeguarding your assets. While Medicaid is a federal program, each state has its own regulations for distributing funds. In North Carolina, specific laws restrict individuals with assets or income above a certain threshold from receiving Medicaid benefits, creating challenges for some individuals in accessing the necessary support.

At The McIntosh Law Firm, our Lake Norman Medicaid crisis planning lawyers can assist in restructuring your finances strategically to meet the eligibility requirements. This may involve asset transfers, income adjustments, or other legal strategies aimed at helping you qualify for Medicaid and receive the crucial services you need.

How Can a Medicaid Crisis Planning Lawyer Help?

When it comes to Medicaid crisis planning in North Carolina, an attorney in Lake Norman at The McIntosh Law Firm can provide valuable assistance in navigating the complexities of the Medicaid application process and the financial considerations associated with long-term care. Here are some ways they can help:

  • Resource Management: With the high costs of long-term care, an attorney can help you effectively manage your finances to afford nursing home care, whether or not you qualify for Medicaid assistance.
  • Eligibility Assessment: Determining Medicaid eligibility involves more than just income thresholds; your assets also play a role. An attorney can evaluate how your assets may impact your eligibility for Medicaid funds.
  • Financial Strategies: Even if you believe your income is too high to qualify, an attorney can explore various Medicaid planning options to assist you in transferring or reorganizing your finances strategically, potentially helping you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Timing of Application: Timing is critical when applying for Medicaid. An attorney can advise you on the optimal time to submit your application, ensuring that you are well-prepared and positioned for a favorable outcome.

By working with an experienced Lake Norman Medicaid crisis planning attorney, you can gain the necessary insights and strategies to maximize your chances of receiving the essential funds and support you need for long-term care. Get in touch with The McIntosh Law Firm by calling (704) 892-1612.

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