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Lake Norman Probate Attorneys

Estate Administration Services Near Huntersville & Cornelius

The McIntosh Law Firm possesses a wealth of experience in assisting clients with estate administration issues ranging from basic questions to complicated trust management. Our Lake Norman probate attorneys are skilled and experienced, with a long history of fighting for individuals and families.

Contact us for assistance in probate and estate administration matters, including:

  • Simple probate
  • Probate and trust litigation
  • Trust administration
  • Property transfers
  • Contested wills (caveats)
  • Intestate estates and administrations

We understand the difficulties of the probate process. Our goal is to provide caring and competent guidance throughout the legal process.

Request a consultation with our Lake Norman probate attorneys, call (704) 892-1612

Avoidance of Probate in Small Estates

In cases where the personal property owned solely in the name of the deceased does not exceed a certain value (currently $20,000), a family can avoid probate actions by using one of several procedures.

Procedures you can use to avoid probate include:

  • Spousal and children's allowances
  • Affidavit for collection
  • Summary administration
  • Will substitutes

It is extremely important to hire a skilled probate attorney if you want to implement these procedures correctly. This area of the law is very sensitive, and if certain rules or statutes are mishandled, the results could be disastrous for your family.

Formal Estate Administration

In cases where assets owned solely in the name of the deceased do not qualify for one of the procedures mentioned above, a formal proceeding with the Clerk of Superior Court to supervise the appropriate transfer of the deceased's assets is necessary. We strongly recommend that a lawyer experienced in estate planning and administration assist you with this process as well. Fortunately, The McIntosh Law Firm team includes multiple attorneys who have extensive knowledge in this area.

Hire The McIntosh Law Firm for the Compassionate Assistance You Need

Since 1997, The McIntosh Law Firm has proudly been serving our community by providing tenacious and compassionate legal representation. Our team is backed by a collective 200 years of experience and a track record of achieving favorable results for clients.

From general litigation to complex mediation, we are here for you. Call today for a consultation with a Lake Norman estate administration lawyer, and let The McIntosh Law Firm advocate for your needs.

To request a consultation with our Lake Norman probate lawyers, call (704) 892-1612.

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