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Success in today’s competitive business environment is powered by the ability to create, identify, and protect intellectual property, which creates competitive advantage. In the end, your brand and its image in the marketplace define your competitive advantage. Clients of the McIntosh Law Firm can expect high quality services with cost-effective solutions.

The McIntosh Law Firm represents businesses large and small and understands that each client is unique with specific needs and requirements. Taking the time to identify and understand your unique business objectives is essential in establishing an intellectual property strategy for our clients. Whether you are seeking overall guidance on the protection process or you have a specific issue at hand, our patent attorney, Ed Sisson can help. We advise clients on establishing, protecting, and defending their intellectual property rights while enhancing their competitive advantage.

Our Services support brand creation, monetization, and enforcement through:

  • U.S. Patent Filing & Prosecution
  • International Patent Filing & Prosecution (through a network of well-vetted attorneys in other countries)
  • Trade Secret Identification, Protection and Enforcement
  • Trademark Registrations, both US and International
  • Trade Dress 
  • Copyrights
  • Licensing
  • Contractual Aspects of Intellectual Property
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