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At The McIntosh Law Firm, our Lake Norman civil litigation attorneys will provide the necessary counseling and guidance to assist you in deciding whether litigation is necessary for your particular situation. We know how to navigate the litigation process, whether you have been sued or are dealing with another legal matter.

Our team of skilled litigators possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. We will always thoroughly explain costs, expenses, and the amount of time involved for every client. If you have a dispute that requires litigation, we have the expertise to see you through the process and provide aggressive and effective advocacy for you every step of the way.

Understanding Civil Litigation

Litigation is a broad term that covers many practice areas, including trials, hearings, special proceedings, declaratory judgment actions, and appeals in federal and state courts. Not all legal matters require a lawsuit, although lawsuits are part of general litigation as well.

In the most general sense, civil litigation is used to resolve any non-criminal legal dispute involving one or more parties. As opposed to prosecutors pursuing criminal charges and penalties, a civil suit involves plaintiffs seeking compensation and other damages from defendants.

We offer litigation services in the following areas:

How an Attorney Can Help You in Civil Court

Civil litigation requires a specific skill set. It is the role of a civil litigator to advocate for their client in front of a judge, jury, arbitrator, or other person. The attorney is dedicated to helping their client receive maximum compensation or damages.

An in-depth understanding of substantive and procedural law is critical to be an effective civil litigator, as are strong written and oral advocacy abilities. Civil litigators must be analytical and logical, possessing the ability to parse complex legal and factual materials, while still offering caring and compassionate support to their clients.

The Process of a Civil Lawsuit

As civil law covers a wide variety of disputes, civil litigation suits can all be unique in how they proceed. However, most civil lawsuits follow the same general steps.

  • Attorney Consultation - The party interested in pursuing a civil lawsuit consults with an attorney to start building their case
  • Investigation - The attorney determines the details of the case and gathers supporting evidence
  • Filing Pleadings - Each party involved in the lawsuit will file their "pleadings," or documents detailing their viewpoints and desires for the case
  • Creating an Answer - After being served the plaintiff's pleading, or "complaint", the defendant will reply with an "answer" to address the plaintiff's claims or request additional information
  • Discovery - Often the longest phase in a civil suit, attorneys on each side will do research to determine, or "discover," facts about the case
  • Pre-Trial - The attorneys on each side will negotiate, which can sometimes lead to a settlement in lieu of a court trial
  • Trial - If neither party can come to an agreement in the pre-trial phase, the case is tried in court

Many civil litigation cases are settled during the pre-trial phase, or otherwise outside of court. Reaching a settlement can save the time, cost, and stress of a court trial. However, if you are not satisfied with a settlement, you need an attorney who can pursue your case through trial.

Reach out to The McIntosh Law Firm

The lawyers at The McIntosh Law Firm have the experience and knowledge to secure the most favorable results for their clients. Our attorneys are extremely well-versed in the research, negotiation, and interpersonal approaches required to mount a successful civil litigation case. We have a long history of securing results and satisfying clients in the Lake Norman region

To request a consultation, call The McIntosh Law Firm today at (704) 892-1612.

Let Our Civil Litigators Fight for You

An experienced civil litigation lawyer understands this process is about ensuring everyone gets their "day in court", and at The McIntosh Law Firm, we are here for when your day comes. Backed by over 200 years of collective experience, our awarded legal team includes attorneys who have represented large, Fortune 500 companies, smaller organizations, and individuals. In addition to our resources and experience, we are also actively involved in our community. We believe in providing dedicated legal counsel starting at a grassroots level. Since 1997, we have been fighting for local individuals, families, and businesses. We promise that when you hire us we will communicate with you every step of the way, creating a partnership based on trust and respect while also remembering the personal factor and costs to fight. Call today to request a consultation, and remember, at The McIntosh Law Firm, the client always comes first.

To learn more about the litigation services available at The McIntosh Law Firm, contact us at (704) 892-1612, or send us a message online.

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