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Mediation Attorneys in the Lake Norman Area

Resolving Legal Disputes Near Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville & Cornelius

Mediation has evolved as one of the most effective ways of settling disputes outside of court. This process is conducted by a mediator, acting as a neutral third party. The mediator works with the parties to facilitate communication, promote understanding, and explore settlement possibilities.

Many mediators are attorneys who have received special training in conflict resolution techniques. On our team, Attorney Tharesa Gelwicks is a Certified Mediator for the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission. On top of that, Attorney George G. Cunningham brings decades of experience in settling disputes through mediation. Attorney Cunningham previously worked for a Fortune 500 company.

Attorneys Cunningham and Gelwicks provide their unique perspective and skill set to the people of North Carolina. They assist lawyers and individuals with cost-efficient, creative, and caring approaches to conflict resolution and settlement. Our legal team can help you reach a mediate agreement that protects your best interests.

Let The McIntosh Law Firm help you settle your legal issue. Give us a call at (704) 892-1612 to request a consultation with one of our Lake Norman mediation lawyers.

What You Need to Know About the Mediation Process

There are a variety of reasons why a party might want to choose mediation to settle a legal dispute. For one thing, the mediation process is often not as difficult as traditional litigation or other types of alternative dispute resolutions. Mediation should, in theory, be more affordable and less time-consuming than litigation or other court proceedings.

Mediation is also conducted in private mediation sessions. This way, individuals are able to resolve disputes without putting as much strain on their relationships. From this standpoint, mediation, when done effectively, is easier emotionally as well as legally.

Here at The McIntosh Law Firm, we assist clients in mediation and arbitration for:

Our certified and skilled Lake Norman mediators will work to achieve favorable results for you. We come into every legal dispute with the intention of finding a “win-win” situation. We help you preserve your relationships while still getting what is fair.

That said, we will also advocate tirelessly for our clients to ensure you the best possible outcome. Contact us to request a consultation, and discover what compassionate yet tenacious representation looks like with The McIntosh Law Firm.

To get started on the mediation process today, call (704) 892-1612.


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With over 200 years of combined experience on our legal team, you always know you are in good hands when you hire The McIntosh Law Firm. We offer the same level of resources, professionalism, and knowledge you would receive with a firm twice our size, while also offering client-driven counsel that is focused on championing our entire community. If you are involved in a legal dispute but want to avoid litigation, call The McIntosh Law Firm—the local legal resource people trust

To learn more about the mediation services offered at The McIntosh Law Firm, contact us at (704) 892-1612, or request a consultation online.

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