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Assisting Residential & Commercial Property Owners

Property values are expected to increase significantly in 2023, in some cases by over 60%! As such, commercial and residential property owners are likely to see large jumps in their property taxes. At Carolina Revaluation Services, we have the legal and professional resources available to help, should you need assistance in appealing an inaccurate property revaluation.

Carolina Revaluation Services is a joint venture between Shaheen Law, PLLC, and the McIntosh Law Firm P.C. Our goal is to help property owners in North Carolina appeal incorrect or inaccurate property tax assessments. Our real estate attorneys and staff have experience at both local and state levels and are standing by to help you get a fair property tax assessment. 

Do you feel your commercial or residential property has been assessed incorrectly? Call Carolina Revaluation Services at 980-689-4289.

The Importance of Correct Property Tax Valuations 

Property tax revaluation is a process through which your property is ascribed a value by your county property tax assessor. This valuation is critical as it is used to determine your property taxes. Over time, as your property value changes, your official property tax valuation needs to be updated. The revaluation process is completed by the county every four to eight years. 

Property Revaluation letters for Mecklenburg County properties are scheduled to go out mid-March of 2023.

When the county has reassessed the property and assigned it a new valuation, they will send you a notice in the mail. It is not uncommon for property owners to disagree with the assessment by the county – after all, as the owner, you know the nuance of your property best. Improperly valued property can cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you do have the option to appeal a revaluation that you believe to be erroneous. 

The Property Tax Revaluation Appeals Process 

The process for appealing a property valuation can be complicated. This is especially the case for higher-value properties and those which are more complex in nature. If you receive a letter with a property revaluation that doesn’t seem right or is confusing, it is a good idea to reach out to one of our experienced property tax attorneys.  

A skilled property tax attorney can help you: 

  • Answer your questions regarding the property tax revaluation process 
  • Understand your legal options regarding an appeal 
  • Determine the correct market value of your property 
  • Prepare and file your appeal 

When it comes to dealing with a property appraisal that you do not agree with, you will likely have to file an appeal with your local Board of Equalization and Review. In the event that the outcome of your initial appeal with your local Board is unsatisfactory, you may be able to escalate your appeal to the state level by filing with the Property Tax Commission. 

Consulting an Attorney Before an Appeal Is in Your Best Interest 

Though the appeals process itself is relatively straightforward, the rules for filing your appeal and presenting your case must be followed precisely. Additionally, the property owner bringing the appeal is the one with the burden of proof, especially when escalating your case to the state level. Though you are not required to work with legal counsel, it is strongly recommended. 

With help from the attorneys at Carolina Revaluation Services, you can gain peace of mind knowing you have the support you need to proceed with your property tax revaluation appeal. We understand that this process can be intimidating and that working with an attorney may feel daunting. However, if your property has not been correctly appraised, it will significantly impact the amount of property taxes you pay. 

From the informal review stage to representing you before the North Carolina Supreme Court, our attorneys are trained to manage any property revaluation case. Carolina Revaluation Services is ready to use our extensive knowledge, experience, and resources to work for you. 

Call us at 980-689-4289 today to discuss your situation with one of our experienced property tax revaluation attorneys.