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Get to Know Your Probate Lawyer... Before You Need Them

Author: Amy Shue Isaacs, Probate & Estate Administration Attorney, The McIntosh Law Firm, P.C.

As a seasoned estate planning and probate attorney, I’ve helped many clients get their “ducks in a row.” This is a gift they can give to their family, one that is a huge relief for them in a time of grief and loss.

Many clients ask if their family can call me for help with settling the estate. The answer is always a resounding “yes,” and it is an honor to serve the families of clients who have passed away.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with a family (father and children) for a “pre-need” probate consultation. “Dad” was very much alive and well and wanted his children to have a familiar face to call on when the time comes. It was most beneficial for us all to be able to discuss the probate process at a time when all the key players (especially Dad) could be present. The family walked away feeling educated and at ease.

If you are reviewing your “to do” list, consider getting to know your probate lawyer and introducing them to your family. A trusted attorney experienced in estate administration will be a valuable asset to your loved ones, a relationship that may last for several months, so who better to make that introduction than you? Your loved ones will be relieved to know that when the time comes, they already have a trusted team member in their corner, ready to step in and help.